கண்சோர வெங்குருதி வந்திழிய வெந்தழல் போல் கூந்தலாளை
மண்சேர முலை உண்ட மாமதலாய் வானவர் தம் கோனே என்று
பெரிய திருமொழி 7-4

TiruchErai Lord Saranathan is the essence of our existence and the emphasis is on this aspect in this wonderful Divya Desam which is loacted near Kumbakonam on the Kuimbakonam Tiruvarur Main Road.

One would easily conclude that the Lord is the essence of this Divya Desam and appropriately the Divine names are Sri Saaranathan, Saara Nayaki, Saara pushkarani and so on.

The principle focus of Srivaishnavism extends beyond this point. The devotion to devotees is the fulcrum on which the concept is evolved. Sri Tirumangai AzvAr in the 4th Tirumozhi of 7th Ten of Periya Tirumzohi underlines this very point. Those who are devoted to this EmperumAn are his idol declares Kaliyan. He loses his five senses to thsoe who are submerged in this Almighty s auspicious qualities.

Sri PiLLai LOkachar while enunciating the importance of BhAgavatha Seshathvam, quotes this divya desa pAsuram ‘ kaN SOra Venkuruthi’ ‘கண்சோர வெங்குருதி’ in 227 suthram of Srivachana BhUshaNam.

The Annual festival of this great temple is celebrated during the month of Thai and culminates on the ‘Thai pushyam’.


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