Unlocking The Values – Mamunikal – I


[sc:b]If one immerses in the IDu, IDu appears great. If one goes into TirunedunthANTakam vyAkyAnam, it is magnum opus. However, if we go into the commentaries of Sri MaNavALa mAmunikaL, these are extremely wonderful. All the qualities of commentaries are present in these and is outstanding. Be it the vyAkyAnam for mumUskhuppadi or SrivAchanabHUshaNam or AchArya Hrdhyam,, the  words of Peirya jEyar stand out tall.[sc:/b]


[sc:b]Let us go into two small example of classical analysis by mAmunikaL

The fifth sUthram of SrI vachana bHushaNam :

[sc:q]’இதிஹாஸ ஸ்ரேஷ்டமான் ஸ்ரீராமாயணத்தில் சிறை இருந்தவள் ஏற்றம் சொல்லிற்று; மஹாபாரததில் தூது போனவன் ஏற்றம் சொல்லிற்று’[sc:/q]
[sc:q]’idihAsa SREAshtamAnA SrIRAmAyanathil SiRai irundhavaL YETRAm solliTru;mahAbArathathil dhUthu pOnavan YETRAm solliTru'[sc:/q]

Sri PiLLai lOkachAryar brings out the point that, in Srimad RAmAyaNam the greatness of pirATTi is spelt  out and in mahAbhAratham the greatness of Sri KrishNA as messenger is brought forth.

While giving commentary mAmunikaL analyzes thus:

1. Why is the term ‘siRai irundhavaL’ used instead of pirATTi” –
பிராட்டி என்னாதே- சிறையிருந்தவள் என்றருளிச் செய்தது?
2. Is it a commendable thing to be in prison? why it is termed as great?-ஏற்றம்
3. Why is the term ‘ dhUthu pOnavan’ is used instead of Isvaran
’ஈஸ்வரன் என்னாதே தூது போனவன் என்றருளிச் செய்தது?
4. Is doing a ordinary job of messenger a great thing?ஏற்றம்

These questions are answered by the commentator.

PirATTi  imprisoned Herself voluntarily for the sake of releasing the imprisonment of dhEva mahishis.  If somebody thinks that She was overpowered by rAvANA, they do not realise Her powers.

If pirATTi had power to suppress the power of agni on TiruvaDi , she definitely had powers to ignite fire also.

She voluntarily thus put Herself into prison for the sake of releasing others. If an ordinary person is imprisoned, it is because of their kArmic effects. Here it is out of compassion and voluntary.

Therefore, the greatness of pirATTi ‘s compassion is brought about by these words and that is why this is great.

Did not vAlmIkI bhagavAn himself spell out that the whole RamAyaNam is about Her greatness

..SITAyAs charitham mahat..

Did not Azvar say ‘தனிச்சிறையில் விளப்புற்ற’ திருவாய்மொழி ௪-௮-௫ TirvAimzohi 4-8-5

AzvAr-s Divya SUkthIs are the source for  AchAryAs to spell out these ideas. Is it not?
அவருடைய திவ்ய ஸூக்தியிறே இவர் இப்படி அருளிச் செய்வதற்கு மூலம்;

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