Unlocking the values – Mamunikal – 2

[sc:t]தூது போனவன் ஏற்றம்[sc:/t] [sc:t]dhUthu pOnavan ERRam[sc:/t]


[sc:b]Continuing the discussion on the fifth sUthram of Srivachana bHushaNam- let us now see how Sri MaNavALa mAmunikaL analyses the above mentioned  term.

Though the job of emissary is good, it is not an exalted one.

Visualise a king and  his messenger. The messenger has to don a pamphlet (Olai) on his neck indicating that he is the messenger of such and such person.

It is obvious that the emissary being a  representative/agent of the king,definitely is in a lower status than that of a king.

If in relation to a king, the messenger’s status is low, imagine what will it become if it is compared to that of King of Kings, the Lord of Lords-The Supreme. When that Supreme Lord dons the role of a messenger, it will be belittling His status.

However, svAmi piLLai LOkaChAr mentions this as an attribute and prefers this term to Supreme.

[sc:q]’ஈஶ்வரன் என்னாதே தூது போனவன் என்றருளிச் செய்தது?[sc:/q][sc:/b]



[sc:b]svAmi maNavALa mAmunikaL explains this in detail

The reasons are:

a. The Lord out of compassion, saulabyam and sauseelyam takes upon Himself this task.
b. The Supreme stoops down to this level for the sake of those  who had taken refuge in Him.

Overlooking His greatness and ignoring the smallness of the job, Sri KrishNA took upon Him the task for the sake of pANDAVAs. This is the wonderful quality of -Asritha pArathanthiryam.

Is that not the reason why Kaliyan eulogised this great divine act as
[sc:q]’innAr dhUthan ena ninRAn’ Periya Tirumozhi 2-2- 3.[sc:/q]
[sc:q]’இன்னார் தூதன் என நின்றான்’ பெரிய திருமொழி ௨-௨-௩.[sc:/q]

AzvAr-s Divya SUkthIs are the source for  AchAryAs to spell out these ideas. Is it not?
[sc:q]அவருடைய திவ்ய ஸூக்தியிறே இவர் இப்படி அருளிச் செய்வதற்கு மூலம்;[sc:/q]

Periya JEyar’s vyAkyAnam-s are dense with such incisive, wonderful and in depth analysis.
These great attributes of the commentary are to be understood to realize the values.

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