Unlocking the values – Mamunikal – 3

[sc:t]Mamunigal’s probing questions on Acharya hrudhayam[sc:/t]


[sc:b] While enumerating the unique qualities of respective divya -desam-s in Acharya hrudhaym, Swami Azhagiya ManavaLap perumaL Nayanar commences with Tiruvarangam.

SriRangam comes up on the seventh Ten of Tiruvaimozhi and several divya desam-s precede that . Kilaroli iLamai -is the first dedicated ten for a divya desam the final thiruvaimzohi of second ten.  This is not taken up first in the Sutram. Tiruvenkatamudaiyan is sung by Azhvar in Third Ten.

Why then does Nayanar first takes up Tiruvarangam and Tirumalai overlooking kiLaroLi iLamai? Here mamunikaL  as a commentator par excellence , questions why Nayanaar should take up Tiruvarangam first:

The prime qualities of parathwam i.e  Supremacy-is first underlined by nayanaar and explained first. That is why Tiruvarangam Divya Desam is taken up first.

Second question asked is , why then ‘kilaraoLi iLamai’of azhgar kovil , which comes up next is not taken up . For this, since the auspicious quality therein does not fall under this category, the vatsaylya guNam of Thirumalai is taken up next .

Parathva guNam pertaining to Azhvar tirunagari Divya Desam is elaborated next .

It can be clearly seen, thus that the commentator just not blindly goes on to give meanings but questions the logic of sequencing the Divya Desam-s which is not in the order of the text and then substantiates this with reasoning.

Refer these AchArya Hrudhaya sUthrams:

[sc:q]வண்பெரு வானகம் உய்ய -Tiruvarangam-suthram 159[sc:/q]
[sc:q]மண்ணோர் விண்ணோர் வைப்பில் வாத்சல்யம் உஜ்ஜ்வலம்–thirumalai -suthram 160[sc:/q]
[sc:q]உறைகோவிலில் பரேசத்வம் பொலியும் –Thirukurughoor-suthram 161[sc:/q]

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