Parathvam and Saulabhyam

Parathvam and Saulabhyam

Parathvam is superiority.  Saulabhyam is easy accessibility.  Both of these qualities are present together in the same person – the Lord.  This unlikely combination present naturally in the Lord makes it suitable for us to attain Him.

Gold is considered very valuable.  Many people like to gather gold; but gaining gold is no easy undertaking.  It requires great degree of effort.  It is not even a sentient being!  Yet, it is so difficult to attain.

We find pebbles everywhere.  They are easily available and accessible.  But, we do not go about gathering pebbles because we consider them of no value.

The observation is this :  What is considered great and valuable, is usually very difficult to attain.  What is considered of no value, is easily available.

Greatness is Parathvam.  Easy availability is Saulabhyam.  It is unlikely that both are present in the same entity.  The greater the object is, the less likely that it is easily available.  The easier an object is available, it is more likely that it has no value whatsoever.  

However, the extremes of Parathvam and Saulabhyam are found in the same person. Yes, indeed! It is the Lord, Srimannarayana who has this unique combination.  Our Purvacharyas show the real use of this combination.

He exudes with greatness; so, we cannot ignore Him.  He is easily accessible; so, we do not lose heart that such a supreme being is beyond our grasp!

Before Krishnavathara, the Devas led by Brahma go to Kshirabdhi and request the Lord to manifest on the earth.  While requesting so, Brahma describes the prowess of the Lord thus,

“sarvajna: sarvavith sarvasakthijnaanabalarddhimaan” – The Lord is omniscient, all conscious, omnipotent, and complete in knowledge, strength and sovereignty. 

It is the same Lord, who has been described thus, who got caught while stealing butter and got tied to a mortar by Yasodha!  

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