Thiruppavai – 2 – vaiyaththu

THE DOS AND DONTS-Thiruppavai 2 -vaiyathu

Sri Andal Nacchiyar determines the Do-s and Don’t-s after summarizing the means and the end in the first pasuram – Margazhith Thingal – மார்கழித் திங்கள்.

Well, the Atmas desire a thing and after sometime develops indifference towards the same thing. Still after sometime, again they get interested in the same thing.

Here is one substance which is eternal and engrosses us ceaselessly. Sri Andal spells out the Lord who reclines on the divine Serpent Adisesha, always thinking of our Welfare. Coming closer to us, akin a tiller, settling down in a tenement appertunant to the cultivation, Sriman Narayana descends to Ksheerabdhi.

Let us sing praise of His Divine Feet. – paiyath thuyinra paraman adip paadi – பையத் துயின்ற பரமன் அடி பாடி.
Let us desist from the undesirable activity of speaking ill of others – தீக்குறளைச் சென்றோதோம்.
Let us not indulge in petty make ups and food – After all He is our Food for Atman.

Thus Kothai Nacchiyar lists out the Do-s and Don’t-s.
பாற்கடலுள் பையத் துயின்ற பரமன் அடி பாடி

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