Bhagavad Vishayam Eedu 9th Ten Satrumurai, Thirukkannapuram

Sri U.Ve. Dr MA Venkatakrishnan swami is delivering Bhagawad Vishayam Lecutres for the past several months.

His simple and lucid style of explaining high philosophy and aazhwar s thoughts in simple style is indeed illuminating. The etymology of abstruse terms of samskritham is educative even to non sanskrit students.   It is heartening experience to learn Eedu in comprehensive manner without any deviation whatsoever,   The ninth ten -Thirukkannanpuram Thiruvaimozhi was wonderfully explained at Thirukkannapuram on 16.2.2014 at the altars of Sowri PerumaL, Thirukkannapruam. 

Explaining each pasuram, Dr MAV svami brought the essence that on surrendering unto Thriukkannapuram perumaL, He immediately longs to grant moksham to the Athman . Notwithstanding this  anxiety and concern, Emperuman waits for Atman to shed his mortal being .  Extensively quoting from Acharya Hrudhyam and Kanchi swami , Sri MAV explained the pre-dominant auspicious attribute of Sri Thirukkannapuram sowri perumaL.
As explained by Sri Nampillai Sri MAV elaborated on the fact that  if at all Emperuman start granting moksham on surrender, perhaps no atman would wish to surrender at all.
Dr MAV swami released the book ‘vennaikku aadum pillai’ on this occasion.
Here are  a  few pictures:


Text Credits: Sri Vanamamalai Padmanabhan Svami
Photo Credits: Sri MA Madhusudhanan Svami

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