NampeurmaL viruppan Thirunaal

Thanks to Sri Kasthurirangan swamin
Sub: Sri.Namperumal varusha thirnatchathiram – Chithirai Revathi –

On the auspicious occasion of Sri.Namperumal varusha thirnatchathiram –
Chithirai Revathi, adiyen is pleased to attach a file giving
thanian, vazithiurnamam, mangalasasana pasurams and
mangala isolakam of sri namperumal. In Srirangam, today Chithirai
thiruther is being celebrated.

The following link gives photos taken during Naperumal Viruppan Thirunaal
utsavam – 19.04.14 to 29.04.14. Thanks to Sri Murali Bhattar swami for
sharing the pics.
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