Komandur Elayavilli Aachan’s thirunakshatram (Chitrai Ayilyam) celebrations at Sri Sembonarangar Sannidhi, NAngUr.

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  1. Karohalli Singlacharya The above Kootasthar had two sons. The second of them Kottagalam Singlacharya had two grand sons of whom the second was Singra Iyengar whose descendent was this Singlacharya. This person was serving in the Goshala attached to the Sri Krishna Temple in the Mysore palace precints. Hence his family was identified by the surname Karuhally (Goshala). Among the 74 Simhasanadhipati’s created by Sri Ramanuja for establishing his Siddhanta, Komandur Elayavilli was one. Komandur is an Agraharam near Kanchipuram. Elayavilli is a unique title given to him. Sri Rama is some times referred to as Periya villi – holder of big (Periya) bow (Vill in tamil)) and Lakshmana as Elaya villi – holder of small bow. This gentleman served Sri Ramanuja with the same devotion with which Lakshmana served Sri Rama and hence this name. Since then his family members are also referred by same name, but over a period Komandur became Komar.

    kindly inform me the location to worship the godKomandur Elayavilli Sri Sembonarangar Sannidhi, NAngUr.

    with respcts

    1. Sir,
      Glad to read about Komandur Elayavilli and Kottagalam Singlacharya. Sorry about my ignorance and for asking this question. Is Komandur Elayavalli the acharyan of Kottagalam Singlacharya ? How is Kottagalam Singlacharya related to Komandur Elayavalli ?

      I hope to get my doubt clarified. Thank you for your time and sharing the information.

  2. Hello Sir,
    Glad to know about Komandur Elaya valli swamin. I also read about the Kottagalam Singlacharya grandsons.
    It is not very clear how Kottagalam Singlacharya is related to Komandur Elaya valli swamin. Could you please clarify ?
    Thank you,
    Ramanuja Dasan

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