Azhwar Malai,Thiruneermalai thirumanjanam today 1.12.18

Thanks to Sri ThaThamizh thalaivan Swamy for taking extra pains for this.Thanks to Sri Vedasreni Ananthu and sri Bharathwaj Ananthanpillai and kooram Viji swami s for their physical and other resources for conducting thirumanjanamThanks to Sri K S Rajan and Sri AK Sundarrajan Swamy for coordinating thirumanjanam.Thanks to Sri Suresh Kanna Swamy and Sri Bashyam Swamy for their participation and resources.Thanks to Sri Rama Srinivasan and sri Srinivasan for their thirumadapalli kainkaryam. Thanks to Sri Raja and his team from Thirumangai Azhwarpuram and sri Yethirajan for their support.Thanks to Sri Appan Swamy for his guidance.

PC Sri Bharathwaj Ananthanpillai and sri K S Rajan

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